Daniel Schuetz, M.A.

Place of Business:

Rheinisches Archiv fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse
Flossweg 55
53179 Bonn

Tel:  +49 (0)228  93299935
Fax: +49 (0)228  93299936

e-mail: kontakt(at)

User Information:

The access to the parts of the collection that are open for research purposes, can only be granted through permission from the Archive authorities. You will be asked to provide a short written outline of the purpose of the research, together with the date, present address, telephone number and signature.

The access to the documents is in the spaces of the city archive of Bonn.  Prior to the initial perusal, it is necessary to present personal identification or a passport. Connections for laptops, and a Xerox machine are available.

The actual opening times for the City Archive Bonn can be found on the home page.