The “Rheinisches Archiv fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse” (Rhenish Archive for Artists’ Legacies) collects and curates the biographical legacies of formative artists, both male and female, (painters, sculptors, drawings and graphic designers, photographers and architects). Since formative art represents an important part of our cultural identity, the artists’ legacies are our cultural inheritance and therefore are in need of our special protection. The documentation of the artist’s daily life is often undervalued, since it is not always a result of his creative output. Until recently, the importance of these documents was not sufficiently recognized, both as a research tool for the biographies of the artists, or as source material for the interpretation of the work.

The purpose of the Archive is the conservation and accessibility of the artists’ legacies, and also to render consultation and advice to those persons who own or inherited these documents. In the scientific environment of the Archive, these legacies will grow into prime sources for researchers. The close cooperation with the Kunsthistorisches Institut der Universitaet Bonn (the art history department of the University of Bonn) provides direct access to the source material for art history research. The impeccable storage in the facilities of the Bonner Stadtarchiv (the archives of the City of Bonn) guaranties the conservation of the material.