Bonner General-Anzeiger, January 12/13, Januar 2019

Race against time

Rhenish Archive for Artists’ Legacies: New entries and a symposium in Bonn


Bonner Rundschau, July 12, 2017

Valuable research material

Rhenish Archive for Artists’ Legacies has existed for ten years.


Rhein-Zeitung, July 7, 2017

So that art does not die with the artist

The Rhenish Archive for Artists’ Legacies has existed for ten years.


Bonner General-Anzeiger, May 31, 2017

Treasures from the past

The Rhenish Archive for Artists’ Legacies was founded ten years ago in Bonn.


Bonner General-Anzeiger, December 9, 2016

The magic of the everyday

The Siebengebirgsmuseum Königswinter is reminiscent of the painter Douglas Swan and his Bonn years


Bonner General-Anzeiger, November 16, 2016

Wall mosaic restored in four months

Revised work of art by Herm Dienz at the Till-Eulenspiegel-School shows abstract Seven Mountains


Bonner General-Anzeiger, April 10, 2016

Between remembrance and forgetfulness

Artists’ Legacies: international congress in the Federal Art Exhibition Hall in Bonn



Art will survive – but where

Artists’ Legacies as a challenge


Annual 2013 of the Von der Heydt-Museum, Wuppertal – September 20, 2014

Life and Survival of Photos in Archives

A meeting organized by the Rheinisches Archiv fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Photographie (DGPH) (German Society for Photography) and the Von der Heydt-Museum.


Informationsdienst Kunst (548) – March 6, 2014

Bequest rather than Legacy

More and more living artists endow archives with their works and documents.


Bonner General-Anzeiger – November 24/25, 2012

The Remains of an Artist

The power of the artists’ widows and the distress of the historians. The Legacies Archive in Bonn (RAK) tries to save what can be saved.


Neue Rhein Zeitung – October 13, 2011

This Feeling – This Light"

Gabriele Schneiders donated eleven of her father’s paintings of the Lower Rhine landscape to the Kurhaus Museum.


Rheinische Post – October 13, 2011

A Donation for the Kurhaus

The Museum of Kleve recently received a collection of paintings by the painter Carl Schneiders. The Rheinisches Archiv fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse was instrumental in making the necessary contacts.  They already had a meeting of experts at the Museum in 2010.


Neue Rhein Zeitung – September 18, 2010

Everything concerning the Theme Artists’ Legacies

On October 2nd, Moyland-Enemy Gerhard Pfennig was supposed to sit on the dais at the Kurhaus. Yesterday he declined the invitation.


Rheinische Post – September 14, 2010

Artists’Legacies – Blessing or Curse?

What is one to do, when the future of art works of historical importance are in jeopardy? How does one preserve the unity of an oeuvre, while the atelier is being dismantled?


Handelsblatt – October 9/10/11, 2009

Memory Reconstruction

Many places in Germany are engaged in assembling collections of artists’ legacies.


Bonner General-Anzeiger – May 26, 2009

In Search of Signs of Life

If Daniel Schuetz had had a little more luck during the research into the life of the artist Walther Rath for his MA paper, the creation of the “Rheinisches Archiv fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse” (RAK) might not have happened.


Deutschlandfunk (German radio station) – May 8, 2009

RAK Exhibition at the LVR-Landesmuseum (commentary)

A conversation with Christiane Vielhaber.


WDR 3 (German radio station) – May 8, 2009

Colloquium at the Rheinisches LandesMuseum in Bonn (commentary)

A conversation with Daniel Schuetz, the Director of the Rheinisches Archiv fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse.


Rheinische Post – May 8, 2009

Curation of artists’ legacies

When an authors dies, his heirs generally entrust a literary archive with his legacy. Maybe, the author himself had already taken steps to preserve his manuscripts and has made a bequest to a selected archive of his work.  But what is the fate of the written documents left by formative artists?


Bonner General-Anzeiger – May 6, 2009

The discovering of the past

The Rheinische Archiv fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse introduces itself with a symposium at the Landesmuseum.


WAZ Kultur – February 25, 2009

The Legacy Keeper

In Bonn, in the Rheinisches Archiv fuer Kuenstslernachlaesse, Daniel Schuetz protects all that, that is left after the end of an artist’s life – everything except art. The connections of his institute reach as far as Belgium.


art Das Kunstmagazin – January 8, 2009

To Counteract the Disappearance

The Rheinische Archiv fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse in Bonn opened in 2008, and already curates 20 legacies of regional artists. The expert conservation of this material will be guaranteed and the archive will be accessible for researchers.



Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – August 15, 2008

Artist’s Legacies – New Archive in Bonn

Often, written, photographed, and personal documents of deceased artists will end up victims of downsizing and will be thrown away. And this results in the permanent loss of cultural mementos for future generations and scientific research. With this pronouncement, the Rheinische Archive fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse introduces itself as a foundation under the code of civile law, in the city of Bonn.


Bonner General-Anzeiger – August 9/10, 2008

An Artists’ Archive comes to Bonn

The newly established Rheinisches Archiv fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse collects exclusively written documents from artists’ legacies. The foundation was established in cooperation with the Heinrich-Heine-University and the Historical Archives of the city of Bonn, as well as the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm University of Bonn.


WDR 3 (Radio Station) – July 23, 2008
Deutschlandfunk (Radio Station) – August 1, 2008

Rheinisches Archive fuer Kuenstlernachlaesse – commentary

The artist and his work. Personal testimonies and observances. A talk with Hannelore Becker-Willhardt.